Not only do we specialize in the interior soft goods industry, CWinn Designs also prides itself on its fabrications for soft product developers and budding fashion designers. Our diverse experience gives us the ability to help clients troubleshoot their designs and refine their construction for mass production.

Alterations are also a large part of our industry and any soft good fabricated product. Not everything we purchase is exactly what we want. Fortunately, if it is a soft good product, CWinn Designs can most likely fix your problem. If we can’t fix or alter it for you, we know someone who can!


Home decor alterations have seemingly endless possibilities. Given the right palette to start from, many spaces can be freshened up by adding a trim element or a contrasting fabric. Many modern spaces are more conducive to different styles of shades and take much less fabric than full length draperies. And fortunately many draperies can be altered and transformed into soft window shades. The lifting mechanisms of Roman shades can also fail over time. Many of them can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of new shade treatments. Draperies can be shortened or have their fullness reduced to transfer from a larger space to a smaller one. Sometimes a different pleat heading is all that’s necessary to rejuvenate a forgotten window.


  • Professional,custom, & high end results.


  • Delivery & installations available.


  • Alter existing home decor.


  • Reline soft window coverings.


Alterations of any soft good are a great way to extend the life of a well-made textile. An alteration works best on an item that is not overly worn or damaged. Draperies can easily be modified by adding a trim or reducing the size, and many articles of clothing need customizing at the waistband or bust line. Keep in mind that some alterations can be as costly as an entirely new item, but if it’s a special piece we’ll work with you to make it last!


  • Professional, high end results, & confidential.


  • Soft good and product development.


  • Men & Women’s garment alterations.


  • Creation or recreation of a garment or soft product.


Pattern making is one of the most essential steps in soft product development. If the pattern is off, so is the entire project. There are elements of all patterns that are consistent across all soft product categories. CWinn designs can help create and develop the right pattern for every soft good need. Our experience ranges from children and women’s wear development to medical and therapeutic product creation. The pattern making process will typically evolve from a sketch or CAD image. Sometimes several generations of a pattern are needed to ensure the perfect fit or look. CWinn Designs will provide you with a well crafted and clear pattern ready to take to the pattern grader.


  • Design and create a new pattern for a project.


  • Creating a pattern from an existing product.


  • Pattern adjustments and alterations.


  • Pattern grading services.