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Interior Design Workroom Drape Styles & Types

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Rod Pocketed Drapery

This treatment was used as stationary side pannels. This sheer fabric choice adds a splash of intrest to a forgotten corner.

Grommets Are In!

Edgy, modern and simple. A grommeted drapery offers a crisp sleek look for stylish interiors.

Exquisite Draperies

These stationary treatments add a timeless elegance to the room. C Winn designs is capable of a spectrum of styles and solutions.

We Know Mountain Homes

We are Colorado local and Colorado proud! We understand local styles and finishes and can adapt to your needs. Just ask...

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CWinn Drapery Fabrication


  • Draperies are a great way to formalize any room in a house and they bring in splashes of color to pick up on the wall paint or any artwork that is present in a room.

  • The styles of draperies tend to vary in the way they are attached to the drapery rod. While most draperies tend to be close to the full height of the room, smaller curtains can be introduced to hide unsightly storage areas or to brighten up smaller spaces.

  • Any number of trims, tassels, braids and bands can be added to the top, bottom and sides of draperies to give them a more tailored look.

Drapery Headers

Headers dictate the way the drapery treatment hangs on the rod. C. Winn Designs is capable of creating a multitude of styles and finishes.


Drape Selection Guide and Style Types

top pleated


Grommet Drape Treatment

The fullness of a grommetted drapery should be at least twice the width of the space to be covered (window or door).

We have several finishes of grommets available to complement many drapery rods. Inside diameter starting at ¾” and going up to 3”.

Available in one-way draw (single panel) or split-draw (two panels).

Even numbers of grommets on your pannel will ensure that both of the edges of your drapery will return the same direction.


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tab top drapery




Pinch Pleated Drapery

  • This type of top treatment or header is the most classic style to use with draperies.
  • We offer a single, double or triple pleat option (tripple pleat shown in close up, single pleat not shown).
  • The pleats can have different numbers of folds in them dependant on the thickness of the fabric.
  • Available in one-way draw (single panel) or split-draw (two panels)
  • Ring spacing can vary depending on the amount of rings you want to use. You can also let the print of the fabric dictate the width of the spaces (like a vertical stripe).
  • Pinch-pleated draperies are typically 2 to 2.5 times wider than the window before they are pleated down, therefore they take slightly more fabric to create.
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rod pocket curtain



Rod Pocketed Drapery Curtain

Rod pockets are most commonly used with sheer or thinner fabrics, but the sky is your limit at C. Winn Designs.

Excellent for café curtains or simple door curtains.

Ask about our option to add ruffles to your rod pocketed design.

Consider a rod pocket drapery for a more stationary window treatment.


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tab top drapery


Tab Top Draperies

  • Draperies with a tabbed header look great in modern spaces.
  • This design uses fabric tabs to traverse the rod.
  • Available in one-way draw (single panel) or split-draw (two panels)
  • Smaller treatments move more freely on their drapery rods.
  • Tie backs are a great option with tab top drapes.
  • Great for a large print or motif on fabric.
  • Also ask about our option to use a smaller fullness factor with a tabbed header.
Contact Us about sizing your Drape Treatment. Get your order started today!
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